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Meet Keeghan.

 Keeghan just moved in with her dad. The Iowa Department of Human Services placed her there after her mom was found to be taking her frustrations over her recent divorce out on Keeghan. She struggled with age-appropriate discipline, and Keeghan’s father suspected past abuse. Keeghan thinks her mother doesn’t love her and has begun to shut down. All her father wants is for her to be happy and safe.

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Keeghan is just one of the thousands of children we help at Children & Families of Iowa. Sadly, her story isn’t unique. Neither is the story of the teenager whose family life was so unstable that he started cutting himself to get control of his life. Nor the story of the woman who can’t seem to get her feet on the ground long enough to leave her abusive husband for good. Nor the young mother who, every month, worries she will have to choose between going to school and finding a second job to pay for her son’s childcare.


Children & Families of Iowa is restoring hope, 
building futures and changing lives.

Children & Families of Iowa doesn’t just offer solutions for families and children in crisis. We offer hope when it seems like there is none left. We offer a chance to build better futures. We offer an opportunity to change their lives.

We have been here for children and families for over 120 years. We were there when children orphaned by poverty needed someone to help find them loving, permanent homes. Through the years, we were there for “unwed” mothers, for abused women and children, for abandoned teenagers and for families on the brink of disaster.

Today, we stand on this foundation of caring as one of Iowa’s largest, most well-respected providers of family services. From a small adoption agency serving a few hundred children to a statewide organization serving over 21,000 people last year, we have grown by adhering to one basic principle: every child, every family deserves to be safe.


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